"Celebrating Love & Capturing magical moments that last forever - because your relationship has a unique story to be told!"  



Take a look at my wedding portfolio to get an in-depth sense of my photographic style. Get in touch if you like what you see!

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Not yet married but still looking for great memories of you and your partner? I am always looking for interesting couples! 

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I’m Constantin. Nice to meet you!

Every relationship has something beautiful, mysterious and unique, which makes it so interesting and special to be captured. As a visual storyteller, I am passionate about findig out who you are and telling your story through powerful, emotional and gripping images. I love the idea of visualising and bringing something to live, that usually can only be felt; LOVE - limitless, unpredictable, without boundaries, in the most natural, authentic and unchained way possible.

On camera, love can take many faces. It can be a gentle smile, it can be a passionate hug or a silent look. I am thrilled to invite you on an exciting journey, to explore what it might look for you, and guarantee you, that it will be an amazing ride and a huge blast.

I am looking forward to hearing from you. Until then, stay sharp, have fun and enjoy life!

Much love,