Wedding of Alexandra & Fabian in Seefeld Tirol

Getting married in Austria - Seefeld Tirol is a fantastic wedding venue for destination weddings  

Traveling to Tyrol for the wedding of Alexandra and Fabian was an unbelievable experience. It was fantastic how the two of them combined style, emotionality and coolness – all in one perfect wedding celebration. Shooting their civil wedding and being around their family and closest friends the days before, also helped me to feel like I was part of the whole thing from the get go. Everybody was so loving, caring and respectful that it was easy to integrate and create a connection immediately.           

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Wedding Venue - Triendlsäge

Seefeld has a lot of beautiful shooting locations so it wasn’t easy to pick “the right one”    

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Getting Ready - for another beautiful day in their lives

The getting ready took place at a beautiful and stylish hotel in Seefeld.

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First Look Shooting - Alexandra & Fabian    

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Alex is the most incredible woman I have ever met. She is smart, beautiful, caring and most of all, always positive.
— Fabian
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Family Portraits - Lifetime Memories

Even though family portraits can be a rather stressful part for a wedding photographer, they are also extremely important for every couple. It is the images that you will have printed out on the shelves of your living room, remembering you about this day and all your loved ones for the rest of your lives. Also for me, taking family portraits has been a steep learning curve, something that I start enjoying more and more. It is all about giving the family members the time to relax and feel comfortable in front of the camera. It is also about taking time to position the and direct them for a perfect outcome.

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Wedding Ceremony & Reception

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Triendlsäge Dinner Party - Celebrating into the Night 

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Thanks to Alexandra & Fabian.... 

.... for letting me be part of such a wonderful day filled with happiness and love!

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