Selena & Christian Lanzarote Engagement

Engagement Shooting of Selena & Christian on Lanzarote

Every journey starts with a single step. Planning an engagement shooting on Lanzarote

Almost 10 years ago a good friend told me about the epic surf conditions and the huge Atlantic waves that regularly hit the razor sharp reefs of Lanzarote. When Santiago approached me with the idea to plan an engagement shooting on Lanzarote, I was instantly psyched. After a first glance at flight prices, which were less than 50€ for a round trip for all November and December, it was clear that this was the the perfect after wedding season calm down destination. Having worked really hard for the entire season with shooting more than 25 weddings and giving my best at as well, I knew it had to be an extended vacation to really dive into the culture and get to know the people, landscapes and hidden gems of the canary islands.


Selena & Christian - A “girl next door” drama

Selena and Christian had known each other since they were little, growing up next door close to a town called Playa Honda. Christian, who’s mother is German and who speaks the language very well himself, had always felt attracted to the raw beauty of Selena. However, only after Christian returned from a 5 years stay in London, their intimate relationship really started developing. I found the couple on Instagram and was very impressed by their positive energy and the intimate bond they shared. I contacted Selena and asked whether she would be interested to shoot with us. The rest is history :p


Lanzarote engagement shooting locations for photography: Timanfaya National park


Lanzarote is a paradise for surfers, nature enthusiasts and photographers. The island is picked with fantastic views, great waves, limitless volcano hikes, epic sceneries, beautiful colours, superb architecture and mars-like elements. I was most impressed by the extremely raw but still orderly landscape, which seems like a perfect combination of simple architectural design and untouched nature. You will find a small finca, flanked by two palm trees in perfect symmetry embedded in the pitch black volcano gravel. Mostly these fields of volcano gravel are somehow fenced by tiny walls of black bricks, which must have been but there one stone at a time and give the whole landscape a touch of “taken care”. The black, sometimes redish colours of the island often create the perfect backdrop for portrait and wedding photography and can be truly magical in combination with the setting sun. Once such spot where you find fantastic shooting locations is the Timanfaya National Park, where you can choose between lava fields, volcano backdrops or endless roads that cut through an otherwise untouched landscape. But this is enough for now. Stay tuned for more information about the island in my next blog entries…….


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