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Wedding Planning & Inspiration - Still looking for a Florist?

You probably know it better than I do. Having a room full of flowers and greenery can change the atmosphere from misery to delight.  But it's more than that. From a photographers perspective, the floral set-up and bouquet on your wedding really makes a huge difference to the look and feel of the images. Remember that flowers are not just flowers, and that there is a lot of expertise that goes into matching your theme and vision with the set up. A professional florist must have an incredible feeling for details and a great aesthetic understanding to guide you in the right direction. They should be able to answer the following important questions:

  • Which floral set-up fits with the overall theme/topic of your wedding? For example a Vintage wedding in the Alpes will require a different style of flowers as an imperial wedding at a Palais in Vienna.
  • What kind of bouquet fits your location and goes along smoothly?
  • What kind of flowers/grass fits your wedding season and selected colour patterns?

This entry is part of a blog series, where I would like to help you with finding the right wedding vendors. Below you will find recommendations of Florists that I have worked with personally and that can excellerate your wedding to the next level. That means they are doing A-level work and are also great individuals. Have fun and enjoy.  

Sti(e)l & Stängel 


Location: Burgenland/NÖ

Facebook: Sti(e)l & Stängel

Tel: 02683 81842

Address: Donnerskirchen, 7082


Die Blumenagentur


Location: NÖ/Wien

Facebook: Die Blumenagentur

Tel: 0664 4484414

Adress: Baden, 2500

Blumen & Gartendesign Brandstätter

Location: Salzburg

Facebook: Blumen & Gartendesign


TEL: 0664 3045347

Address: Fuschl am See, 5330

Blumen & Gartendesign Brandstätter

Location: Oberösterreich

Facebook: Wildflorie


TEL: +43 664 358 61 28

Address: Scharnstein, 4644

Isabella Floristik


Location: Kärnten

Facebook: Isabella Floristik

Tel: 04232 4078

Address: Völkermarkt, 7082