Yadi & Romen in Lanzarote

Love without boundaries: Couple shooting On Lanzarote

Yadi and Romen share a truly inspiring love story. It is that story where you leave everything behind and bet everything on the one card you are holding in your hands: Love. In my opinion, it requires an extraordinary portion of courage and dedication. Unfortunately nowadays, it doesn’t happen that often anymore. Mainly because we are scared; afraid of risking our careers, leaving our comfort zone and putting our “ego” on the line of being smashed and shattered. Afraid of the possibility that you might have to return with empty hands and a broken heart. The more I admire Romen’s decision to leave behind his family, friends, and career as a professional football player, just to do everything to make his relationship with Yadi work out.

We met on Instagram and everything started with a friendship. Romen was my support and he was always there to listen to me”
— Yadi

The wild story of Yadi & Romen on Lanzarote

Despite never having met each other, Romen quickly fell in love with the girl he had only seen on Instagram. Our parents generation probably thinks that the modern “dating world” has turned mad, however, more and more couples meet online. If you would translate Romen’s and Yadi’s story to past terms, it would probably have been more like a long distance “Brieffreundschaft”, writing each other letters (Instagram messages) back and forth. Not having met yet, they fell in love, however Yadi was sceptical that their long distant relationship could work out. She was studying tourism on Lanzarote at the time, while Romen was playing as a professional football player for Las Plamas de Gran Canaria. Looking back Yadi said:

“I thought that by distance our relationship was impossible, but he always insisted, until one day I took the chance to meet him”.

— Yadi

Thinking with your heart vs. calculating how your future might play out

We live in a hyper performance driven and economic value optimised world in which technology is pushing us towards an ever increasing efficiency hyperloop that doesn’t seem to have a “STOP” button built in. As a result our generation is experiencing tremendous amounts of pressure towards building a “successful career”, which after all just helps us to “barely” make a living or work in jobs that don’t fulfil us anyhow. In regards to our love life it leads to a fear of committing to a relationship, let alone, put at risk our careers. Not so for Yadi and Romen.

In between work and studying Romen and Yadi started traveling across the islands to see each other. Romen finally decided to take the leap and move to Lanzarote for the love of Yadi. He left his family, friends and career to follow his heart. Only the future knows if it will “pay off”, but what does that mean all along. In a world where we only seem to care about what is happening next, what about just enjoying what we have now. In that sense:

Every song ends but that is no reason not to enjoy the music.
— Maja Wiegand

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Gertrudis & Jonathan Engagement in Lanzarote

Lanzarote engagement shooting locations for photography: Caleta De Famara.

The engagement shooting of Gertrudis and Jonathan took place on Lanzarote in the little beach town called Caleta de Famara. I have fallen madly in love with that place as it’s relaxed atmosphere and beautiful landscape it like balm for your soul and candy for your eyes. There is only one “main road” going through town, which is flanked by a couple small restaurants and surf shops. You will meet anybody you need and want to see, having coffee in one of the little restaurants. It’s the perfect place to enjoy the sunshine tickling your skin, stretching you legs into the sand covered ground, while recovering from an extensive surf session. The small town then extends to a huge sandy beach that runs along the bay for one or two kilometer. At the far end, the beach hits the mountain range, that runs further into the sea and which you can follow a couple hundred more meters on a low tide. Alternatively there is a little path further up that goes along the mountain range if the tide is high. Caleta de Famara offers an infinite number of fantastic locations for couple photography. You can shoot on the beach, use the mountain range as a fantastic backdrop or as a huge reflector, as the sun sets in a way that it shines directly onto it. This effect creates fantastic soft and beautiful lighting. Furthermore you have dunes, some interesting architecture with little, white and cozy houses and a long straight street that cuts through the untouched landscape. If you want to travel to Lanzarote and need some tips or recommendations, feel free to contact me any time.

Engagement Shooting of Gertrudis & Jonathan on Lanzarot

Gertrudis and Jonathan really share a moving story, which translate into this intimate bond and connection that you might feel when looking at their pictures. Gertrudis and her family escaped crisis in eastern Europe when she was only a child. Arriving to Germany without speaking a word of the language and growing up in an immigrant neighbourhood, her childhood and adolescence was a struggle to find her identity and “fit in” with german culture. However, nothing of that has kept her from pursuing her path and discovering her passions. I experienced her as an incredible strong and powerful yet gentle and loving women, that really enjoys the present moment. She has the capacity to dance through the day with a lightheadedness and joy that I haven’t experienced often before. This joy and happiness is something she shares with her partner Jonathan, whom she first met when working in an ice salon. Be excited for the introduction of Jonathan and more of their story in the next paragraph.


Jonathan and Gertrudis moving to Lanzarote

Jonathan is that crazy person that has a million fascinating stories to tell. Sometimes he speaks for hours without anybody getting bored around him. My favourite story was when he moved to Lanzarote and didn’t want to spend his money on a hostel when looking for an apartment. He camped out somewhere in the vast and stunning landscape of Lanzarote, not too far from a lonely house in the hills. One night he was approached by a man living in the house, inviting Jonathan in for dinner. It must have been his fantastic social skills but the family offered him to stay there for a couple of nights taking care of his situation. To make a long story short, Jonathan ended up renting one of their apartments a couple weeks later, moving in with his entire family. I remember him telling me that the landlord said the apartment was much to small for 4 or 5 people when Jonathan laughed and replied: “Well, let that be my problem my friend”. The “bon vivant” is now pursuing his acting career alongside raising their son together with his beautiful wife. Because of conviction and dietary challenges, Gertrudis has moved to a plant based diet. She is now developing incredible vegan recipes, which I have tried for myself, and furthermore offers counselling to people who struggle with their diet. Together they are living on Lanzarote, sharing this incredible joy and love, something that was so beautiful and fascinating to capture. I am looking forward to visiting them again in this beautiful island.


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